“Yoga with Marcel” is a holistic yoga business
that caters to a diverse clientele
seeking balance and well-being.

Marcel, a seasoned yoga instructor, leads the venture, specializing in Corporate Yoga sessions, tailored to alleviate stress and enhance productivity in the workplace. In addition to group classes, Marcel offers personalized 1-to-1 sessions, allowing individuals to focus on their specific goals and needs.

For those seeking a deeper practice, Marcel hosts Yin Yoga sessions, providing a meditative and restorative experience. The weekends bring an opportunity for rejuvenation with Yoga Hike adventures, combining the benefits of outdoor activity with mindful yoga practice, fostering a strong mind-body connection. For the male community, tailored men’s Yoga sessions cater to their unique needs, promoting flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Moreover, “Yoga with Marcel” embraces the journey of motherhood with Pregnancy Yoga classes, fostering a supportive environment for expectant mothers. Offering flexibility and value, the Block of 4 Classes package encourages sustained practice, ensuring a pathway to holistic health and fulfillment.